Memory is too expensive

Reading of ceremonies to mark the 6th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I came across discussion of erecting a permanent monument near Shanksville, PA, to the Flight 93 victims. The NY Times reports:

Families of the crash victims have estimated that such a memorial would cost about $57 million and have said that only about $30 million of the public’s contribution has been raised.

At $57 million, my guess is that the memorial will be in the shape of a new luxury hotel, fully furnished, and with full amenities, with a $100 plaque on the side listing the names of the deceased. Really, why the huge cost? The only real reason I can guess is that the organizers want something on the lines of the American Cemetery at Normandie, which entails buying up a huge amount of land and setting up a fund that will allow it to pay for itself. Seems like a bit much, to me. Why not use the $30 million you already have to ensure that the victims’ families are well taken care of?


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