A day at the water park

Spent Saturday with two friends at a water park about 50 miles south of here. On the way down we stopped at Walgreen’s and bought sunblock and a waterproof disposable camera. I hope the photos I took are viewable. I have my doubts, with a camera with a fixed focus, aperture, and shutter time.

Going to a water park is also a great way to confirm firsthand what you keep hearing in the news about obesity in America. I would say about 99% of the adults there are overweight (defined as having love-handle creases), and something approaching 50% are grossly overweight (defined as having additional love-handle creases at mid-calf). Another fun stat: about 80% of park attendees have one or more very silly tattoos adorning their flab.

I had not been to a water park since that fun day at Wild Rivers in Irvine, way back in 1991. I can’t remember even who was all there with me, but I do remember talking to Scott in the parking lot.


One Response to “A day at the water park”

  1. Mark Says:

    That is funny. I’ve certainly been to Wild Rivers, but probably not in ’91 – I think it was earlier. Haven’t been to a water park since high school unless I’m repressing memories again…

    It is amazing how fat America is, though. Not good.

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