How old is Curly?

Went to a concert tonight at my church. Shortly after settling down in the pew, a woman next to me began the following conversation:

Woman: I’m sorry; this is extremely impolitic of me, but how old are you?

Curly: 35. Why do you ask?

Woman: It’s just that my family and I were asking each other, how old do you think that guy is? I said 22, she said 40 . . . we should have put money on it.

Curly: Yes, but of course I would receive a cut of any winnings.

Woman: Of course. (Or something like that.)

At the intermission I told her it would be fun if I guessed all their ages. The first woman I pinpointed as 65 years old. The second I guessed 58, but she just turned 60. I was way off on the man: guessed 69, but he was 79. And my main interlocutor was 57, though I guessed 50. I was actually going to guess 56, but figured I should err on the low side. It worked: she told me to go tell everyone she was 50.


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