Bobby Jindal: “born-again Roman Catholic”

Thus is he dubbed by Adam Nossiter of the NY Times.

I am wondering what exactly a “born-again Roman Catholic” is, since I’ve not heard that term applied to Catholics. In my experience, it’s most strongly associated with Baptists. Does he mean he’s a Baptist-like Catholic? And if so, what does that mean? That he disobeys his bishop, and calls his own shots? (A Baptist friend tells me that this is an accurate description of Baptist thinking: the individual is best suited to determine and work toward his/her own spiritual good, and is thus not likely to listen to the ecclesiastical hierarchy. Baptist readers can correct her if this is wrong.)

For those who don’t click the link (i.e., everybody reading this), Jindal is the new governor of Louisiana. He’s a Republican and a Catholic convert, so hey, he’s okay in my book.


6 Responses to “Bobby Jindal: “born-again Roman Catholic””

  1. Lissa Says:

    In my experience, “born-again Roman Catholic” is a way to describe someone who had fallen away from the Church for a while, and decided to come back. I am definitely an example of this terminology, as I was baptized into the Catholic faith, participated in my first Communion, and then didn’t really care much about being Catholic anymore. I came back, though, and my faith is stronger than ever because I made that choice on my own terms (which I guess can relate to what your Baptist friend was saying about calling his/her own shots). I follow the Church happily and wholeheartedly, but I needed to make the decision to follow all by myself, and not because it was tradition in my family, ya know?

  2. Curly Says:

    Thanks, Lissa . . . interesting. I don’t know Jindal’s personal story, whether he fell away and came back, or whether the Times writer is just using “born-again” loosely.

  3. Jon Says:

    I didn’t RTFA but I think the Times writer is just not using the term correctly. Jindal was raised Hindu and became a Roman Catholic while away at college. He’s been one ever since. So perhaps the meaning of the reference in the article is that he was not raised Catholic, but is a convert.

  4. PG Says:

    Jindal apparently refers to himself as a “born again Catholic,” which is technically accurate because he was baptized into the Catholic faith after having been born Hindu, and in Catholicism, one is “born again” at baptism.

  5. Curly Says:

    Thanks for the comments . . . yes, I know that baptism is a spiritual rebirth, but I think it’s interesting if Jindal himself uses that term. If he does, I have no reason to doubt that he believes it, but it seems potentially also politically useful—might win over some non-Catholic Christians who themselves identify as “born again”.

    And PS: Times writers are not well known for being accurate, or even “technically accurate” on matters of religion! 🙂 If Nossiter is an exception, he is a welcome one.

  6. Roger Says:

    A “Born Again” Catholic is one who takes part of the Catholic rhetoric and is in the Catholic church but has accepted Christ as his Savior and depends on Christ and Him alone to save him and carry him to heaven when he dies. Hence, he is born again by the Holy Spirit. (John 3:3 KJV )This new creation or new man can not sin. However the old man sins daily. This takes place simply by believing in a living Christ and by faith or accepting Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. (Romans 10:13)

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