Job search stats

As a few of you know, I am applying for jobs. Here is a summary of the various locations of the places I’m applying to, grouped by state.

AL: 2
CA: 1
IA: 1
ID: 1
IN: 1
KY: 2
LA: 3
MA: 2
MI: 3
NC: 2
ND: 2
NY: 5
OH: 5
OR: 3
PA: 6
SD: 2
TN: 1
TX: 6
VA: 2
WI: 1
WV: 1

Total: 52


2 Responses to “Job search stats”

  1. Joe Says:

    How is it that Alaska has more than California? What, you don’t like fires? And don’t you wanna join Jon in Colorado? What up?

    Ehh.. anyway.. I hope you land one that makes you happy and pays you truckloads of money, which in turn makes you even happier.

  2. Curly Says:

    AL = Alabama
    AK = Alaska

    This list pretty much represents every job opening in my field that I’m qualified for, though I did leave a couple of places off for different reasons. One in Arkansas, for example . . . just don’t wanna go there. California has surprisingly few openings this fall.

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