My diversity essay

To see the enthusiasm with which I’m throwing things away tonight, you might think I’m procrastinating from doing my real work. Which I am, sort of. But sometimes when you clean up your living space, your mind clears up along with it. That’s what I’m banking on.

Anyway. I am tossing out old papers that I know I’ll never need any more. These are mainly scholarly articles that I know I can get on JSTOR. But I was also going through my grad school application papers, and came across an essay I wrote for my application to UC San Diego:

“How my presence would enhance diversity at UCSD”

Back then I thought they really meant what the question said. But had I known what the question really meant—namely, how a hetero WASP was going to make their campus gayer, browner, and more secular—I would not have bothered to even write the thing. It’s funny: I talked about growing up with a single parent, working while getting my BA, my experience as a victim of violent gang crime, and some other stuff. This kind of thing is a university diversity officer’s wet dream (pardon my vulgarity . . . couldn’t think of a better phrase). But only when it comes from blacks or hispanics. It’s first-rate yawn material coming from whites.


One Response to “My diversity essay”

  1. Jon Says:

    I’m sorry… you’re destined to be boring my WASPy friend.

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