Affirmative Action for Viking orphans!

Got another acknowledgement letter today, saying that the place had received my application. And surprise, surprise . . . enclosed was the form asking me to tell them my race, sex, etc.

Nice punctuation typo in this one:

We request data on the race, sex and ethnic identity of all applicants to monitor our employment practices in accordance with federal executive order 11246 and U.S. Department of Labor discrimination obligations for the university with respect to veterans, individuals, with disabilities and those age 40 and over.

Confusing how they refer to “race, sex and ethnic identity” in one place—as if race and ethnic identity are different things. Maybe they mean like the main character in the terrible movie “Pathfinder”: a Viking boy brought up by Native Americans. So his “race” is Scandinavian but his “ethnic heritage” is something else. Maybe I should tell them I’m a Viking who was brought up by Native Americans. (But there is no check box for that.)

The place I’m supposed to return this is the self-contradictorily-named “Equity and Diversity Resource Center”. (I know, it’s possible to be “equal” in one sense and “diverse” in another . . . I’m just being ornery.)


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