The Real Che

Young America’s Foundation has produced a neat poster of Che Guevara. His face is composed of small images of some of the many people he either murdered or whose death he was responsible for.

victims of Che Guevara

I don’t expect I’ll be seeing this among the offerings at the next campus poster sale. Why do so many college students idolize this guy? I mean, he looks really cool in that iconic photo, but what a loser.



3 Responses to “The Real Che”

  1. Mark Says:

    That’s why they love him. He looks cool.

    If you added all the people killed in the various guerilla campaigns around the world he was directly involved in, there would be a lot more photos on that poster.

    To play devil’s advocate, you could make a Batista poster too (he was certainly a bad dude) but nobody would know who he was. The Che image is ubiquitous.

    Yup, Che was about as big a hero as Trotsky. They both killed a lot of people, fell out of favor with their own revolutionary cohorts, were then killed, and became martyrs for the global Left. The details of their own twisted behavior are much less important than the image.

  2. Mark Says:

    For the record, the Che t-shirt I bought in college developed nasty pit stains after only one wearing. It was unceremoniously trashed.

  3. replica41 Says:

    its nice to see a blog not filled with idiots’ comments about “viva el che” and all that other crap. its so laughable to see these isiots praise a guy that would have killed them had they met face to face during Che’s lifetime. it just goes to show the hypocricy and ignorance of left-wing propagandists and the stupid people that follow them

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