Is “lesbian” out?

Another stupid CNN headline: “Gay retired general questions candidates.” I bet he really got in their faces about homophobia in the military. Here’s the CNN screencap:


Somehow, questions like this are supposed to appear legitimate when asked by gay men. Professional enough? Seems a diversion from the real question: whether the presence of openly homosexual forces helps or hurts unit cohesion and loyalty.

And is “lesbiana” a typo or is this the new self-appointed adjective for homosexual women? Is the final “A” meant to emphasize their feminine gender? Can I start calling gay men “lesbianos”? I mean, I’m not gonna lie to ya . . . lesbiana with each other here. This seems silly to me. I thought these people were into ultra-inclusiveness. You know, GLBTQ—where Q used to stand for Queer, but now apparently stands for Questioning. I guess the L now stands for lesbiana. Stay tuned until next week, when the homosexual intelligentsia decides that the remaining letters also stand for words too outmoded to express the full complexity of the “alternative lifestyle.”

(By the way, the article itself didn’t say a single word about homosexuals.)

2 Responses to “Is “lesbian” out?”

  1. Mark Says:

    I think “lesbiana” is how they would write in if it was CNN en español. So maybe that’s why their spell checker didn’t catch it. But yeah, it’s a typo. You might be jumping the gun on the use of lesbiana in English, but probably only by a year or two.

    I’ll only be happy when everyone mentioned in an article is sexually defined. Something like this: “Senator Tom DeLay, who enjoys missionary style heterosexual intercourse, spoke briefly about his plans to start a speaking tour in 2008.” Yes, I think that works.

  2. Curly Says:

    Mark my words, the GLBTQABCDEFG lobby won’t sleep until their self-identification lexicon is so nuanced that not even they can keep track of it.

    You jest, but I’m sure we both see things moving in the direction you mention. Because, you know, we are our sexuality, 100%. 110%.

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