Leopard bug(?): “Preview” searches are screwy

This might be spun as a “feature” rather than a bug, but I think it’s lame, whatever you call it. When viewing PDFs with Apple’s Preview application, I am no longer able to do live-updated searches on multi-word strings. If I type “the end,” for instance (without quotes or comma), Preview begins searching for “the” only until I begin typing “end.” At that point, when I begin the second word of the search string, the entire search changes its focus to that second word alone, completely discarding the first.

If I want to search for the two words next to each other, I have to enclose the whole phrase in quotation marks. But this means I have to wait until I type the closing mark before Preview even begins to search the text. I much prefer the old way, where it started searching immediately, even for a multi-word string.

Any suggestions on a better way to PDF, drop me a comment, please. I was loving Skim, but it doesn’t play nice with Leopard. Just yet.


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2 Responses to “Leopard bug(?): “Preview” searches are screwy”

  1. Joe Says:

    That is kinda weird behavior.. it’s acting more like a search engine’s search would.

    Are you sure Skim isn’t Leopard ready yet? Their last two releases mention Leopard in their release notes on their site, and they’ve had a few releases since Leopard came out.

  2. Curly Says:

    Skim kept crashing on me, making it hard to use it even to read through a document. But Leopard has had an update since then, so maybe it would work now. Kind of a pain when you have to remember to go back and check something to see if it now works . . . and it still doesn’t excuse Preview for being wonky. Not unusable, but not at all user friendly.

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