Oral Roberts University poised for better days

Over Thanksgiving dinner a priest friend told us about the scandal that’s shaken Oral Roberts University in recent weeks. In short, Richard Roberts (Oral’s son) had been using the university’s money to live large. ACTA summed it up well:

The campus is reeling, and students are reacting strongly to the news that their leaders have not necessarily held themselves to the moral and behavioral standards to which they hold students. Oral Roberts students sign contracts committing to observe a dress code, a curfew, and strict rules about such things as swearing, drinking, and lying. Allegations that Richard Roberts used university resources to–among other things–finance cars, horses, vacations, and a swanky Beverly Hills home aren’t sitting well with them.

According to my friend, an ORU alum (yes, strange, given that he’s now a RC priest), Roberts would take multiple vacations a year (like 2 per month), and would fly to Italy to get his custom-tailored suits. Apparently, on the university’s dime. Well, he’s resigned now, and the Board of Regents seems committed to turning things around. Here’s to a future of upright dealing, all around, at ORU.


One Response to “Oral Roberts University poised for better days”

  1. Mark Says:

    But nobody does suits like the Italians. I don’t see the problem.

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