Canterbury calls for Sharia

Okay kids, time for bed. It’s been a fun 475-odd years, but now you’re just getting silly:

NY Times:

The archbishop of Canterbury called Thursday for Britain to adopt aspects of Islamic Shariah law alongside the existing legal system. His speech set off a storm of opposition among politicians, lawyers and others, including some Muslims.

Legal recognition of Shariah has been a longstanding demand among some Muslim groups in Britain, and their spokesmen endorsed the archbishop’s proposals. Faisal Siddiqui, a lawyer, told the BBC that “sensational stories” about extreme punishments had distorted the benefits of Islamic law. “The reality is that it has enriched civilization and humanity for 1,400 years,” he said.

Right. With the last 200 or so years being especially rich in Muslim contributions to world civ . . . science, government, etc.


One Response to “Canterbury calls for Sharia”

  1. mark Says:

    When you are the Archbishop of Canterbury I think you can say whatever you want. What a cool job title. How can I get one of those?

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