Leopard still screwy, and now Photoshop

I installed the 180MB Mac OS Leopard update a week ago or so. Preview still doesn’t search the way I’d like, plus I am getting some new “features.”

Tonight while working in Photoshop, my screen faded to black. Yet I could still hear the “plunk” of incoming messages on the Yahoo IM . . . then the “Front Row” application appeared. I have never run Front Row before, and wasn’t even touching the computer when it decided to launch itself.

Also, Photoshop is crashing every time I try to perform “Copy Merged” on the header graphic of the website I’m working on. I can Copy Merged in other parts of the same graphic, but not the header. Makes one want to switch to PC! At least there you expect crashes to occur every time you sit in front of the computer.


2 Responses to “Leopard still screwy, and now Photoshop”

  1. Mark Says:

    Have you done the Adobe updates? I haven’t been having those problems with Photoshop and I use “copy merged” a lot.

    Leopard was a bit of a PITA at first, but with the updates it’s gotten better on my machines. It always has, and still does, work flawlessly on my brand new imac that came with Leopard preloaded… So my internal conspiracy theorist says that Apple is manipulating people to buy new machines… Or maybe the update procedure had problems and it would be better to reformat and install Leopard fresh? Too much work for the lazy man, I think…

    Did you see the bit about the guy who paid upwards of $2600 for a “new in the box” Apple IIc? Didn’t you have one of those? I always wanted one… Still a cool looking machine.

    But you probably shouldn’t trust anything I write, because I’ve been drinking the Apple Kool Aid since 1978… That’s weird, now that I think about it, I’ve never had a non-Apple computer at home. And there were some BAD ones – Performa (something) comes to mind…

  2. Curly Says:

    1978 was a good year for Kool Aid, wasn’t it?

    I had a IIe, but yes, I agree that the IIc was a slick machine.

    I’m guessing my PS woes came from the unknown origin of the faculty portrait in the webpage mockup. It wouldn’t crash if I copied parts excluding the portrait. Weird. And never any problems with dealing with my own digital photos or from scratch documents.

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