Murder in the church

Is what I almost committed yesterday. I was photographing the stained glass windows with my new tripod setup—essentially, doing it right for the very first time. Tourists and miscellaneous faithful drop in throughout the day to gawk / pray / etc. One large group was walking toward the altar, down the center aisle. I was in the center aisle. The whole group saw me and took pains to keep distance from the tripod, except the last. She had her head in the clouds, and as she walked by, KICKED the tripod leg. Note that my camera was sitting on top of this tripod. My heart stopped and I grabbed the tripod–no harm done except the shortening of my life by a few seconds.

Nothing was sacred to these people—they marched right up to the tabernacle, went behind the bishop’s chair, and all manner of other things. Having been set against them by the kicking incident, I paused in my photography to keep an eye on their altar shenanigans . . . if they started climbing or opening anything, I was going to tell them to beat it.


2 Responses to “Murder in the church”

  1. Shana Says:

    Thank goodness your camera was ok!

  2. Dave Says:

    Silly Baptists

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