D’Souza / Singer debate at Biola

So Cal readers, if you’re into apologetics and big name debaters, mark your calendars for April 25th. Dinesh D’Souza debates Peter Singer on the topic: “God, Yes or No?”

I’m sure it will be a good event, despite the lame title. (Does God exist, yes or no? Should we believe in God, yes or no? Hey there God, could you give me a Yes or No?)

Cost is $10; registration is required.

Complete schedule


6 Responses to “D’Souza / Singer debate at Biola”


    I, the Harlem Warlord, am in fact a fan Apologetics. Body slams and apologetics.

    God, yes or no?


  2. Curly Says:

    If you’re the Harlem Warlord, registration is free. Of course!

  3. dcedave Says:

    Sadly I had received information on this and would otherwise have loved to attend, but alas I will be in Minneapolis on the 25th.

  4. Steve Says:

    I attended this even last night, and would love to hear the comments of other attenders. I’m a theist, and I thought D’Souza got his butt kicked, and revealed himself to be a churlish boor in the process. I disagreed completely with Singer, but thought him to be by far the heavier armed of the two. Someone reply to me and I’ll defend that statement.

  5. Curly Says:

    Somebody reply to Steve . . . I want to read this!

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