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Burj Dubai is evil!

April 28, 2008

Anyone else see Orthanc rising from the Dubai dust?


Freedom of speech quashed at LSSU

April 28, 2008

Read all about it at the FIRE website, your one-stop source for the never-ending circus that surrounds issues of free speech on American college campuses.

In this case, a professor was ordered to remove all the cartoons, etc. from his office door because they supposedly infringed on the civil rights of passers-by. Here’s my favorite one (click for larger version):

They blow up so fast

Hello Vlada!

April 11, 2008

I saw this in my spam folder today and thought to myself, this person writes like a cross between a college freshman, William Shakespeare, and Joel Osteen. (The sign-off is full of optimism, hence the Osteen link.)

Greetings my friend!!!
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Wildflower hunting

April 10, 2008

The Saturday plan is for Brad and I to excurse into the countryside in search of wildflowers and curious sights. Should be a great time—the flowers are out in force right now and they are literally carpeting the edges of the highways in pink, blue, orange, etc. It’s something I haven’t seen in other parts of the country.