The Loser Letters—“Screwtape” contra Dawkins?

Sounds like this online serial could become a good new book in the spirit of Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, in which Mary Eberstadt writes as “A.F. Christian” (A Former Christian, I presume), the sole apparent convert in the wake of the million-plus copies of new-atheism books published in the past year or two. She is writing to the leaders of the “Brights” in order to point out problems with their current strategies and rhetoric, which prevent some people (or, any believer who happens to read their books) from being won over to the atheist creed (so to speak). Lewis it certainly ain’t, with acronyms such as LOL and WTF, etc. But I recommend it; worth reading.

In letter #1 she takes issue with the so-called Sexual Revolution:

Please understand that I’m not criticizing here! Cheering for pornography and omnivorous sex and by extension, broken homes and abused and screwed up kids and all the rest of the revolution’s fallout may not be everyone’s thing; but most of You new atheist Guys have definitely made it Yours. I respect all that! I’m just saying for now that we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that the believers’ sexual codes are an unmitigated bad on them and a plus for Us, when most evidence suggests it’s quite the other way around.

Read the whole thing at National Review Online.

Over at Richard Dawkins’ site people who haven’t read the letter are dismissing it as ad hominem, patting themselves on the back for being so brave as to embrace “facts” and refuse the false crutch of “faith.” One fact you won’t find mentioned in the Dawkins online forum is that Eberstadt is right: the rejection of Christian morality does in fact result in unhappiness and disorder, as witnessed by all the things she mentions in Letter #1. Way to go, Brights! Keep on congratulating yourselves on your grasp of “facts” while not bothering actually to engage them.

Letter #2 is here. Letter 3 (?) due this Friday.


One Response to “The Loser Letters—“Screwtape” contra Dawkins?”

  1. yipeng Says:

    Hello, I had a lot of trouble tracking down the letters from previous weeks… but I just realised you can keep track of each week with this link 🙂



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