DNG conversion

Sunday and Monday I converted all my Canon Raw files (CR2) to Digital Negative format (DNG). It was a long process but made very easy by Adobe Bridge CS3 and Adobe Camera Raw 4.4.1, which (Bridge) I just discovered about two weeks ago and totally can’t live without now. After having shot four separate events this month involving approximately 80 families, NOW I understand why people like Lightroom so much. Bridge is (I think) somewhat similar. It’s excellent that by using Bridge you can get two automated ACR processes running at the same time (using the ACR in Bridge, and the other ACR in Photoshop). I was so happy to discover the nondestructive spot-healing brush, which, after applying to one image, you can automatically duplicate on as many images as you want! This is a big deal if you are doing panoramas, where each of the several photos has the same constellation of dust specks ruining the sky. Nobody wants to spot-heal 30 dust spots across 17 images . . .

Anyway, DNG conversion. The DNG files were, on average, 2.48 MB smaller than the CR2 files. Given that I did the conversion on 4,830 images, the conversion freed up just shy of 11.7 GB of hard drive space. Plus, no more annoying .xmp files to get in the way when looking at the files in the Finder.


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