I hated Prince Caspian

Wasted 3 hours on Monday going to, sitting through, and returning home from “Prince Caspian.” I reread the book a week ago. The movie is not at all faithful to the characterizations in the book, and takes large liberties with the plot. The allegory of the book is that the characters need to learn to humble themselves before they are allowed to see Aslan—before they are permitted the “beatific vision” of God. Aslan helps those who abase themselves and rely on his strength instead of their own. The movie keeps this idea, marginally; it seems to suggest that it is a high virtue to kick as much ass as possible before seeking out Aslan.

The parts I liked best were when the Telmarines were building the wooden bridge at Beruna. (In the book, a stone bridge is already there, but the moviemakers needed to add the gradual completion of some public works project to add suspense and act as a countdown to the final confrontation.) I liked these parts because they reminded me of “Bridge on the River Kwai.”

I’m thoroughly convinced that it’s a terrible idea to mix live human actors with animated talking creatures. It aims at moving us to an enchanted world, but instead merely breeds disgust at myself when I realize that I’ve just paid $6.25 to watch armored teddy bears play out questions concerning the fate of the universe.

Kinda funny how the bad guys in the movie all have Spanish accents. In English terms, and from Lewis’s Renaissance background, this means that they are Catholics. And to Renaissance Englishmen, if you were Spanish or Catholic, you were ipso facto a spy and a traitor to England. It’s like the villains in Rocky IV and the 2nd and 3rd Rambo films: of course they are all Russians! What else could they be? (I guess they could have been French, but come on, Rambo against French opponents?)

Enough! Save your money and time and don’t bother with this movie.


3 Responses to “I hated Prince Caspian”

  1. Jon Says:

    Haven’t seen Caspian yet… will wait for the DVD.

    Rambo vs. the French. Would that movie be about 2 minutes long? Rambo steps off the boat, all greased up wearing bullets for suspenders and holding a .50 cal machine gun all by himself. The French look at him and immediately start waving their soiled Jockeys in surrender. Yeah, that wouldn’t be worth $6.25 either.

  2. Mary Says:

    You’re right. I think C.S. Lewis would never have wanted it on film. He preferred children and other people to use their imaginations. One effect of the film, which practically negated the good effect of the book, was that my granddaughter now thinks of Edmund as “hot.”

  3. mark Says:

    So much contempt for the poor French. I thought we were okay with them now that Sarkozy is the president (?). Freedom fries are over, right? Is Obama secretly French? Would it still matter in 2008?

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