10 days to Lambeth

The Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Communion takes place every 10 years, and they are meeting this year, 16 July – 3 August. From what I have been reading the past few years, the Anglican ship has run aground on some nasty rocks (remember Gene Robertson? that’s one of the rocks); and the news of the past few weeks and days makes it sound like the ship is finally ready to break apart. I’m guessing that from this summer onward it is all downhill, fast, for the Anglican Church (incl. the American Episcopal Church, who will continue pretending to be orthodox Christians until they wake up one day and realize they’ve become Unitarians. Or until all the true orthodox Episcopalians defect to the oversight of Ugandan bishops.).

The AC is supposed to decide soon whether to allow women as bishops. Now several hundred Anglican clergy are in talks with the Vatican, trying to “establish closer ties.” Inevitably this will result in the conversion of many of them, since they feel that if they want to remain true to the Gospel, they have no choice but to leave the Anglican Church. No—rather than “they feel,” I should write, “it is the fact that.”

What I don’t get: these same clergy were, apparently, outwardly tolerant of women priests . . . but women bishops is a bridge too far?

A quotation from one of the bishops ready to swim the Tiber:

“The internal pressure of the Anglican communion has pushed us apart and we’re committed to greater unity with Rome. There can be no future for Christianity in Europe without Rome.”

So true. Yes, the Catholic Church contains divisions and warring elements, but its unsurpassed moral authority and constant defense of the deposit of faith make it the only credible Christian church visible on the world stage. May the Anglican “defectors” find a warm welcome home, after nearly 500 years in a far country.

And then let’s get all the Anglicans back in the Catholic Church . . . we want Westminster Abbey back! 🙂


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