Attack rabbit

I’ve been taking care of someone’s pet rabbit for the past few days. They told me that he bites, so to not reach out for him. Let him come to you. OK, so I tried that. But when he came to me from behind the chair where he was chilling, he downright charged at me. Needless to say, I pulled my hand back before he reached me. When I pulled away, he turned on a dime and went back behind the chair.

I was going to herd him back to his cage, but the only stick-like thing I could find was a fireplace poker. No problem—I wasn’t going to stab or beat him with it. But when I reached the poker behind the chair, he charged at it, bonking his forehead on the poker part. OOPS.

Then tonight, he went in his cage all by himself, but when I walked up to the cage later he started going aggro on me, running back and forth. Then he jumped up at me, but smashed his head into the top of the cage (the cage is about 18″ high; he’s about 12″ high on hind legs). I am guessing this little guy is a little imbalanced? Oh, and he also crapped under the chair in the master bedroom, since I left him out of the cage last night (couldn’t get him back in—what was I supposed to do?).

Owners, please come back on time!


2 Responses to “Attack rabbit”

  1. mark Says:

    “That rabbit is dynamite!”

  2. Stella Says:

    I have a rabbitry, and my rabbits are all pets. One of my most gentle bunnies, on becoming a new momma lost her mind.She started attacking any one who opened her cage. Hence,her new name Crazy Beach. Sometimes even without babies she will let you reach in and pet her,then without warning she will claw the hide off your hands. I keep her not only because she is a beautiful English spot but, she raises great litters .I always keep hoping someday she will return to that gentle bunny that I used to have. To see pictures of my rabbitry visit: I add pictures often.

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