Photography: No talent required

I went to a dance competition last night and took some photos. They had an “official photographer” who had a booth set up with on-site photo printing and a space in the corner with a professional backdrop and lighting for formal portraits. Anyway, I looked at this guy’s photo album that was sitting on the table, and can honestly say with 100% objectivity that my photos are a billion times better than his.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at his online albums. Here’s one at random. Then go to my flickr page (the real one, not the one attached to this blog). I know I’ve got lots of room for improvement, esp. in my framing and timing, but somebody should tell this guy that sitting in one place for the whole competition, snapping ultra-wide angle photos with direct flash, is not working. In one album the photographer even uploaded a throwaway shot of his own feet! Unbelievable. This is a professional?

The encounter tells me that there is money to be made in photography, and you don’t even need to be good at it! But I also know that most pros are much much much better than this “pro” and that if you want repeat customers you better not be taking crappy shots like these.


5 Responses to “Photography: No talent required”

  1. Harlem Warlord Says:

    Two words: School photography. Year book photos, school dances, etc. – steady income year in and year and absolutely no talent required (or even desired).

  2. Curly Says:

    I thought you were dead, Harlem Warlord?

  3. RL III Says:

    The deeper issue is not the quality of the “professional” photographer’s efforts (which after viewing ARE crap) but rather what Curly was doing at a dance competition. Is it because he secretly loves to dance!!!!!

  4. Harlem Warlord Says:

    Don’t you know they have internet access on the ‘other side.’ RL, everybody knows Curly LOVES TO DANCE!

  5. Curly Says:

    Oh yeah, and I like the way my eyes look when I dance, too!

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