Obama . . . you knew it was coming

Curly’s been silent on this year’s election so far, but I have finally been stung to post something (else) on Obama. And Nancy Pelosi. (I hope not to post very often on the election—it’s so depressing.)

The McCain/Obama interviews at Rick Warren’s church seem to have been very revealing of the huge difference between the two’s worldviews. I only saw a few clips, or I would make a more certain assessment. But now one part of Obama’s interview has resurfaced in a Tom Brokaw interview with Nancy Pelosi.

Brokaw shows the clip where Warren asks Obama when a baby gets human rights. Like a true champion of human rights, Obama pretends to recuse himself from the question, saying that whether you are talking theologically or scientifically, it’s “above his pay grade.” How spineless. Obama knows that the only way he can appear to be less than radical about pushing abortion is to talk about it as little as possible. And how dishonest—since pretending to recuse himself, leaving questions of human rights to the experts, is really just another way of saying that he belongs to the abortion lobby.

Brokaw asks Pelosi if she can help Obama out on this question. Pelosi then prefaces her comments by saying that she is an “ardent, practicing Catholic” . . . and concludes that the Church has not decided when life begins. She cites St. Augustine (whom she appears to almost call “Senator Augustine”). But she shows her true allegiance by saying that all of that stuff (that the Church has said) is irrelevant, because Roe v. Wade clearly specifies what can be done during each trimester of pregnancy.

With other Catholic bloggers, I am praying that her bishop, or any bishop, takes her publicly to task for this (at least by denying Communion, which would be sure to make news). People may hold any view they like but “ardent, practicing” Catholics do not oppose—publicly, no less—one of the most basic and longstanding (since 1st-c.) teachings of the Church.


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