Gas and food

Just got gas yesterday for the first time since June 28th, and I saved some $$ by waiting . . . when I filled up in June, diesel was $4.64 per gallon. Yesterday I got it for $3.90. That is the first and probably only time in my life I’ll ever have a 74-cent-per-gallon difference between consecutive fill-ups. They were 67 days apart, which means I drove an average of about 8.5 miles per day during July and August. I doubt I will surpass my record for longest time between fill-ups, which took place in the early 00’s and was something like 128 days. I pretty much drove nowhere for a whole semester.

100 days ago I started keeping track of how much I spend on food. So far, $7.51 per day. I guess that’s not too profligate, to average $2.50 for each of the day’s meals. I guess that also indicates that food prices are not as out of control as I sometimes hear people complain—though it is true that 2 or 3 years ago, when I also kept track of my grub prices, I was eating for about $5 a day. 33 times in the past 100 days I have bought food at restaurants, averaging $6.34 per purchase (with 4 of them being $10 or more).


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