Historically in history: bad CNN writing

I’m convinced that the articles posted at CNN.com are written by B-average undergrads. They’re probably given 3 to 5 bullet points, and told to flesh them out. The result is “the article.”

Take this example. It’s the final sentence from an article on McCain’s recent poll gains against Obama:

Historically, however, only one presidential candidate in modern history has come back from the deficit McCain faces to win an election — Ronad Reagan in 1980.

“Ronad” Reagan. Oops!

“Historically . . . in modern history.” WHOA. Serious repetition. (First draft! First draft!)

And what’s this about “modern history”? Does colonial America now belong to the “ancient” world? I guess the colonists are right there next to the Akkadians and the Hittites.


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