NY Times sees what Kmiec (et al.) do not

Referring to the ban on same-sex “marriage” in California, Arizona, and Florida:

The across-the-board sweep, coupled with passage of a measure in Arkansas intended to bar gay men and lesbians from adopting children, was a stunning victory for religious conservatives, who had little else to celebrate on an Election Day that saw Senator John McCain lose and other ballot measures, like efforts to restrict abortion in South Dakota, California and Colorado, rejected.

If Obama’s election is a loss for “religious conservatives,” doesn’t that mean the authors see Obama as a secular liberal? Nevertheless, Douglas Kmiec and other Catholics have pretended that Obama’s policies are in harmony with Catholic teaching. Something doesn’t fit here . . . Of course, being the NY Times, “religious conservatives” may very well be a code-word for “Bible-thumping nut-jobs.”


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