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Empire State Building video clip

August 4, 2007

This video was taken at the staging area around the 80th floor, just before they take you to the 86th floor observation deck. The “Tony” referred to on the sign is the New York cab driver personality on the ESB audio guide. Apparently Tony’s brand of gruff yet detailed commentary on the surrounding cityscape is as endearing as it is informative. (I talked to somebody who has heard it—I’m told he says things like “Howya dooin?” and “Take a looksee ova dare!”)

Also ESB-related is the second picture currently shown in my Flickr widget, to the right. This is the view as you approach the Lincoln Tunnel. That is one large building.


Friday in Philly

July 28, 2007

Today I took a guided tour of the Masonic Temple.


Take a cheesy online tour here. (To be fair, it’s a very informative online tour, and the photos are actually pretty good, but nothing beats seeing it in person.)

UTC building

April 14, 2007

Taken at dusk. I thought it was somewhat captivating. The greenish lower part didn’t look green in person.



April 5, 2007


Originally uploaded by Curly Couch.

When I’m rich I want to build a house that has a central room that is just like this in its overall proportions. I can do without the carved wood medallions of Texas worthies, but I like the tile, the two levels, and the idea of a tree indoors. If the tree were lit by a skylight instead of a ring of electric lights, it would be just right.

It would be great for parties and frisbee throwing.