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Where does “cockney” come from?

December 16, 2007

I knew it meant “Londoner” but here’s a couple of OED quotations to flesh that out a little:

1617 MINSHEU Ductor s.v., A Cockney or Cockny, applied only to one borne within the sound of Bow-bell, that is, within the City of London, which tearme came first out of this tale: That a Cittizens sonne riding with his father..into the Country..asked, when he heard a horse neigh, what the horse did his father answered, the horse doth neigh; riding farther he heard a cocke crow, and said doth the cocke neigh too? and therfore Cockney or Cocknie, by inuersion thus: incock, q. incoctus i. raw or vnripe in Country-mens affaires. 1617 MORYSON Itin. III. 53 Londiners, and all within the sound of Bow-bell, are in reproch called Cocknies, and eaters of buttered tostes.


Quotation for Easter Week

April 7, 2007

From Terry Eagleton’s review of Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion.

Jesus, who pace Dawkins did indeed ‘derive his ethics from the Scriptures’ (he was a devout Jew, not the founder of a fancy new set-up), was a joke of a Messiah. He was a carnivalesque parody of a leader who understood, so it would appear, that any regime not founded on solidarity with frailty and failure is bound to collapse under its own hubris.

If God chose to dignify not only humanity, but weak, suffering, and despised humanity, by allowing Jesus to go experience it, that is a sign of the way we ought to treat the weak, suffering, and despised. Not by trying to stamp them out, but by practicing “solidarity with frailty and failure.”

Velocity Credit Union update

March 18, 2007

Seen this morning on the way to church:

From lasik fees to shopping sprees. Lifestyle loans for what you want. Now.

Link to the original Velocity marquee post.

Lifestyle loans

March 14, 2007

There’s a scrolling marquee off the freeway by me for Velocity Credit Union:

From LCDs to SUVs. Lifestyle loans for what you want. Now.

It used to be even more offensive:

From pickup trucks to tummy tucks. Lifestyle loans for what you want. Now.

I’m of the opinion that loans should be used for things you need, not things you want. And that taking on debt should be related to need, and not a “lifestyle” decision. I know that virtually since the dreaded “dawn of time” people have racked up debts in order to live in a certain style and at a certain level (courtiers come to mind right away) but I don’t get the idea that Velocity Credit Union is targeting aristocrats with their appeal to pickup trucks and tummy tucks.

Pope’s comments on Mohammed

September 16, 2006

I was going to post some of my fave quotes from the past few days’ news articles about the Pope’s lecture at Regensburg, and the ensuing whine from the Muslim world, but decided instead just to summarize:


Birmingham abortion clinic surrenders license after baby’s death

June 15, 2006

AP Wire | 06/14/2006 | Birmingham abortion clinic surrenders license after baby’s death. THIS has got to be the new Exhibit A in the case against the ability of post-religious society to provide any kind of moral direction.

Maritain on Art and Beauty

June 11, 2006

Jacques Maritain, one of my heroes-in-realization, wrote Art and Scholasticism in the 1920s. This is a book I will need to read twice—and will enjoy reading twice. Here’s a nice quotation from page 44:

No form of art, however perfect, can encompass beauty within its limits, as the Virgin contained her Creator. The artist is faced with an immense and lonely sea, and the mirror he holds up to it is no bigger than his own heart.