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Iowa’s pink locker room heats up again

December 5, 2007

This is too funny . . . I remember reading about this in 2005, and it just kills me that anyone is trying to make a sexism/homophobia case out of this. ANY case, but this time it might be a court case.

Hayden Fry, the former coach at Iowa, said:

“It’s been fun to get the reaction of visiting coaches to the color of their locker room,” Fry wrote. “Most don’t notice it, but those that do are in trouble. . . . When I talk to an opposing coach before a game and he mentions the pink walls, I know I’ve got him. I can’t recall a coach who has stirred up a fuss about the color and then beat us.”

Sally Jenkins, sports writer for the Washington Post, commented in ’05:

Fry understood something Buzuvis [law prof at Iowa, and critic of the pink locker room] apparently doesn’t: The people most likely to be undone by pink walls are not straight men, women or gays, but misogynists and homophobes.

The person reviving the issue is Jill Gaulding, formerly law prof. at Iowa. Her reasoning is bogus:

“If anything has changed, I would say that things are getting worse and not better,” Gaulding said, citing an initiation ritual in which rookie Seattle Mariner baseball players wore pink backpacks this season (which “beats most initiations, like wearing a dress,” the paraphrased one player as saying).

“Once again, this idea trickles out like poison into the rest of the culture that it’s shameful to be female,” Gaulding said.

No—there’s no shame in being female. But there is shame in being a football player whose game suffers because he is persuaded, by wall color, to think of himself as weak. Or, more broadly, shame in being a human being who can be so influenced. But give me a break, shame in being female? Tells me more about Gaulding’s self perception than about widely held assumptions about men and women.

Allison Kasic comments at the Independent Women’s Forum.

I agree with Kasic: the best part is indeed Jenkins’ line:

You better know who you are if you walk into that room. Otherwise, the pink could shatter you.