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Paul Krugman, amateur revisionist historian

June 8, 2007

Paul Krugman’s op-ed piece, “Lies, Sighs and Politics,” published today on the TimesSelect site, decries the media’s failure to call Mitt Romney on his “lie” he told during Tuesday’s Republican presidential candidate debate. According to Krugman:

Asked whether we should have invaded Iraq, Mr. Romney said that war could only have been avoided if Saddam “had opened up his country to I.A.E.A. inspectors, and they’d come in and they’d found that there were no weapons of mass destruction.”



Michael Moore’s “Sicko” undermines favorite Leftist myths

May 27, 2007

The Cannes Film Festival took place last week, with Michael Moore’s new film showing, out of competition, on May 19th. It’s called “Sicko” and in it, according to the Cannes site, “the filmmaker investigates the flaws in the American health care system.”

Looking cool in CannesHe does this, according to Anthony DePalma of the New York Times, by taking “a handful of sick Americans to Cuba for treatment in the course of the film”. Based on Cannes and the NY Times, you would think this movie is about medicine. But the fact that these “sick Americans” are actually World Trade Center first-responders, “heroes of 9/11”, as the LA Times puts it, shows the political motivation behind the film. (They are called “fist responders” on the front page of I suppose that means they swing first and ask questions later.) Says one of the men who was offered a trip to Cuba only to be “stiffed” by Moore:

“What he [Moore] wanted to do is shove it up George W’s rear end that 9/11 heroes had to go to a communist country to get adequate health care,” said McCormack, who suffers from chronic respiratory illness.


“The Nation” propagandizes for Castro

March 25, 2007

I don’t normally suggest that my friends taste food that made me sick, but I’m passing this article on to you anyway.

This article at The Nation is a glowing tribute to C. Wright Mills, praising his prescience in realizing that all Cuba needs to be a true heaven on earth is the success of the revolution as pushed by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The only block to achieving this paradise is . . . yes, you guessed it! The USA.

The propaganda gushes out in the last two paragraphs:

From the time when Mills came to visit us, Cuba has lived a dramatic life with successes as well as failures. Alone and abandoned by all after the USSR disappeared, it had to heroically resist some very hard and difficult years during which the United States intensified its economic and political aggression. Today Cuba forges a path to craft its own unique socialist system, rooted on its own historical experience and with the active participation of its people. Social movements are transforming Latin America, with several countries putting into practice new, diverse and multicolored forms of socialism.

Mills’s prophetic vision is becoming a reality. Indeed, now we have many things to talk about. We are waiting for him.

Summary: Cuba is “heroic” for resisting the “aggressive” United States. It is moving towards socialism (you mean, it’s not already there?) with the “active participation of its people” (i.e., if you’re not on board, you’d better watch your back because Fidel’s goons are going to thwack you). And this socialism is “new, diverse and multicolored” (buzzwords for the American audience, who know that these are all synonyms for “GOOD”).

And note this about the author:

Ricardo Alarcón has been the President of the National Assembly of Cuba since 1993. He has also served as Foreign Minister and as Permanent Representative of Cuba to the United Nations.

The man is perfectly objective. If Cubans really lived under a totalitarian regime that denied them all freedoms and jailed journalists who wrote against it, he would have told us so.